The Road Begins Here

The Road Begins Here


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WHERever it takes you; the road begins here.

Worldwide organization, DeMolay International sits front row to the challenges that frequent non-profit membership organizations due to the sheer number of new opportunities and activities for youth today. As an organization deeply rooted in historical symbolism with a modern approach of leadership development, DeMolay, along with the support of Scottish Rite, NMJ expanded their offering with their 2022 campaign, The Road Begins Here.

As a project that touched many hands from multiple departments, seeing this through with a finger on the pulse of the creative direction was essential. Credit goes to the entire team involved form Scottish Rite, NMJ, DeMolay International, and our marketing and production partners who made this possible.

My role was design direction, taking the initial concepts for video and overall theme, ensuring it tells the story of DeMolay accurately and activating it in a visual manner across many different mediums while managing the project to launch on time and under budget.


DeMolay International

Scottish Rite, NMJ


Launched: July 2022



Part of the campaign’s success was driven through the tagline “The Road Begins Here” which alluded to the symbolic journey of a member of the organization may go through when they become a member. Its that philosophical road that may lead in many different directions – but every member had a common starting point and that began with DeMolay International.


The brand needed to represent the spirit while not alienating the membership or straying away from its history. The mark, paired with the modern branding of the organization gave it an approachable feel, letting the phrase speak for itself.

The challenge came when planning out the brand distribution and activation – by nature, DeMolay International is an organization that has local Chapters and state-wide programs that will utilize the materials. With the support of Canva, the campaign materials were distributed to thousands worldwide for local promotion and brand support.

Creative Strategy

As the brand further developed, with the help of a creative partner of Grain Digital (Gabe Davis), the photo style was captured as filming the key videos was happening. The images used in the campaign help tell the story while driving consistency between the video, print, and digital activations.

The images show an authentic representation of the membership of DeMolay International. These images, paired with the brand or as standalone elements are used worldwide as promotional items with local DeMolay Chapters. 


The campaign was focused around two campaign videos, which were driven by several people listed below. The videos tell the story of the campaign and allowed for the brand to take a life of its own as it further developed in collaboration with the video team.

Campaign materials

The full list of campaign materials can be found at



This project would not have been possible without the assistance and support from the following people:

DeMolay International Leadership

Scottish Rite, NMJ Leadership

 Creative Partners: High Output, Cercone Brown, Grain Digita

The Entire Scottish Rite, NMJ Staff

Erik Fattrosso, Video Director

Linda Patch, Director of Marketing

Jim Dill, Director of Support Services

Marcus Abbott, Production

Jeff Kitsmiller, Walt Wheeler, Rich Elliot, Pete Samiec, George Taylor – Campaign Execution Committee