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Escape with Seagrams

Seagrams Escapes selected Pavone / Quench Marketing as their Agency on Record for creative work. As part of the Creative Studio and Direction teams, I had the privilege of working on the Seagrams Escapes Brand. My responsibilities included updating trademarked assets, generating new product ideas, and collaborating on seasonal packaging concepts. Ensuring brand consistency and expanding the product lineup were critical factors for the account’s success.



Through our collaborative efforts, the partnership between Seagrams Escapes and Pavone / Quench Marketing achieved significant outcomes. The updated trademarked assets helped to strengthen and modernize the brand’s identity, enhancing its appeal to the target audience. The introduction of new product ideations injected fresh energy into the Seagrams Escapes lineup, attracting consumer interest and driving sales. The development of innovative seasonal packaging concepts contributed to increased shelf visibility and consumer engagement. Overall, the strategic approach to maintaining a consistent brand and expanding the product offerings yielded positive results for Seagrams Escapes.


Work was completed within my role with the
Scottish Rite, NMJ as Design Director. This work would
not be possible without the following:

Pavone Marketing Group, Quench Marketing Team, Seagrams Escapes Victoria Scrima, Account Manager, Gabby DeNofrio, Art Director, Keith Seaman, Creative Director, Jeff Odiorne, ECD