Scottish Rite, NMJ


Brand Development
UX Design
Creative Direction


2018 – Current

Our Mark On History

The Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (NMJ), faced the unique challenge of rebranding a 200-year-old organization with a rich history and hundreds of thousands of members. In 2018, I joined the team with the goal of bridging Freemasonry and creative innovation through a comprehensive rebranding project. The aim was to establish a modern visual brand while respecting the organization’s heritage and differentiate the NMJ from other Scottish Rite bodies worldwide.


A Story Worth Telling

The rebranding strategy focused on modernizing the organization’s emblems and introducing a versatile wordmark that could be utilized in areas where emblems didn’t fit. The symbols used, such as the Double-Headed Eagle, held significant meaning for the members and were carefully incorporated into the brand. To engage the almost 100,000 active members, a human-focused approach was crucial. The local brand, centered around the various Valleys within Scottish Rite, was prioritized to resonate with the members. Creative assets were developed to encourage local Valley members to use the brand identity to promote their local program.


A Member-Focused Rebrand

Drawing upon a corporate branding background, I led the rebrand process, focusing on modernizing the organization’s emblems and introducing a distinct wordmark. Extensive research and collaboration with stakeholders and leaders within the organization helped shape the comprehensive design system, which went beyond visual elements to encompass various touchpoints and departments.


The Journey Continues

Drawing upon a corporate branding background, I aimed to modernize the emblems and develop a distinct wordmark for the organization. The brand’s design system expanded beyond just a logo, evolving into a comprehensive set of visual elements that extended to membership and charitable programs. In 2023, a full redesign of their website was completed with plenty of support from our Scottish Rite team members, and Web Development and Marketing partners, Zaengle & Cercone Brown. Collaborating with multiple team members across different departments, we ensured the brand’s consistency and professionalism in every touchpoint possible


A Modern Freemasonry

The rebranding efforts yielded significant results for the Scottish Rite, NMJ. The organization successfully differentiated itself from other Scottish Rite bodies worldwide and positioned itself as one of the most innovative Masonic Organizations. The brand’s impact extended beyond aesthetics, driving over $1,000,000 in donations and fostering an emphasis on membership growth. Additionally, during the pandemic, the “Drive-In Degree” experience engaged members virtually, and degree posters promoted the program in a theatrical manner using compelling imagery. The rebrand empowered members to take ownership of the brand, contributing to a sense of pride and connection within the organization.


Work was completed within my role with the
Scottish Rite, NMJ as Design Director. This work would
not be possible without the following:

Scottish Rite, NMJ Leadership and Members of the Staff,
Members and Fraternal Leaders of the Organization, Cercone Brown (Continious Brand Support and Marketing), Zaengle
(Web Development)