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Our Mark On History

It is not every day that you are given the opportunity to brand a 200-year-old organization that hundreds of thousands have been involved with. It makes it all the more special knowing it’s an organization that some of your mentors are involved in. 

In 2018, I was brought on board to help Scottish Rite, NMJ with their goal of bringing Freemasonry and innovation together. Initially, the goal was the brand the organization but from there grew one of the largest branding projects I’ve been involved with and it continues to this very day.


Scottish Rite, NMJ


2018 – Current



Establishing a visual brand was tricky–a special consideration and to be made to maintain the history of Scottish Rite, NMJ while pushing the organization forward. The symbols used within the brand, such as the Double-Headed Eagle, had special significance to the organization’s members. For an organization with almost 100,000 active members, being human-focused was crucial for the success of this rebrand.

As an interesting note, there is more than one Scottish Rite in the world – with different leaders, countries, and brands. This rebrand helped to differentiate the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction in an impactful way.

Coming from a corporate branding background, I pushed to modernize the organization’s emblems and incorporate a wordmark that can be utilized in areas that the emblems didn’t fit. The brand was created with the members in mind – focusing on the local brand through one of the many Valleys in Scottish Rite.

The wordmark served the purpose of corporate branding and name recognition in the field. The eagles (shown below) had different use cases depending on the demographic.

Below are a few pieces of work done for Scottish Rite, NMJ in collaboration with several members of the team across multiple departments. The brand quickly grew from just a logo to an entire design system, working its way into membership and charitable programs. and it is due to the team’s creativity at Scottish Rite, NMJ.

Between the vision of the leadership, new ways of marketing, advertising, and a shared member experience, the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction can easily be classified as one of the most innovative Masonic Organizations known today.

Scottish rite Degrees

One of the things that make Scottish Rite unique is their degrees, which share the Scottish Rite’s core values through a series of plays and presentations. When the pandemic forced our organization to meet virtually, the team at Scottish Rite, NMJ developed a weekly “Drive-In Degree” experience to engage its members. 

With the existing degrees on video, degree posters were developed to promote the program in a theatrical way using found or owned imagery.



This project would not have been possible without the assistance and support from the following people:

Michael C. Russell, Executive Director

David A. Glattly, President

The entire Scottish Rite, NMJ Staff is credited for the success of the brand.