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Are You Ready to Rock?

Get ready to rock as Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction unleashes the biennial conference that honors its elite members chasing the coveted 33° designation. This exclusive honor is achieved by less than 5% of the roaring 90,000-strong membership within Scottish Rite, NMJ. With over 2,000 attendees from across the globe, we cranked up the creativity and planning to stage an epic and unforgettable experience


Nothin’ But Power Chords

Channeling the spirit of rock ‘n roll, our mission was to strike a chord with the audience through electrifying creative direction. As the Creative Strategy lead, I jammed with a team of top-notch creatives to orchestrate the visual and conceptual spectacle for this massive conference. Our goal? To unleash a torrent of mind-blowing materials that would ignite the crowd’s passion and leave them screaming for an encore.


Back. Better. Best.

In the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, where rock legends are born, we harnessed the power of the city’s rock ‘n roll heritage to infuse the conference with an electrifying brand identity. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands and music brands that have shaped the world, we forged a fusion of Masonic mystique and rock ‘n roll rebellion. This head-banging concept allowed us to unleash a relentless sound wave of creativity.


A Rock ‘n Roll Wonderland

We cranked the volume up to 11 33 with our brand activation strategy. Through a mind-melting combination of thunderous photography, riff-tastic typography, and eye-popping design elements, we transported attendees into a rock ‘n roll wonderland. But we didn’t stop there. We seized every opportunity to take the experience to legendary heights. Collaborating with many creative rockstars, we crafted a custom Les Paul-style guitar to ignite the flames of excitement during the event and raised over $7,000. We joined forces with tattoo artist Mick O’Herien,  and dialed up the rebellious energy into an exclusive “Dad Rock” style shirts for every attendee.We even partnered with designers who unleashed a visual onslaught of floor decals, program books, environmental signage and more that turned hotels throughout Cleveland into a headbanger’s paradise.

Guitar created by Jake Palo • Video by Erik Fattrosso / Scottish Rite, NMJ


Be the Best.

Our rock ‘n roll revolution took the Cleveland, Ohio Rock ‘n Rite Annual Meeting to a stratospheric level of awesomeness. By fusing the spirit of rock with the honor and prestige of the 33° designation, we created an electrifying experience that reverberated in the hearts and souls of attendees. The custom guitar, shirts, and posters, signage, amp boxes, floor decals, and more brought a heavy dose of exhilaration into the event, making it a true rock ‘n roll extravaganza. The Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction’s 33° Annual Meeting rocked the foundations of tradition and blazed a trail of unforgettable memories for all who stood witness to its sonic glory. Rock on, my friends!


This project would not have been possible without the support
and work of several contributors:

The Scottish Rite, NMJ Staff

Leah Klein, Freelance Designer

Jacob Palo, Guitar Manufacturer

Mick O’Herien, T Shirt Designer