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Reach Your Peak

Peak Human Performance was conceived as a healthcare-driven fitness studio that aimed to provide a distinctive brand experience. The concept centered around empowering participants to achieve optimal health, personal growth, and excellence. Utilizing a healthcare provider’s access to resources and an individual’s metrics, the athlete can preform at the best possible level they can and truly reach their peak.

Rendering by ABSketches located in York, PA


Climb Your Everest.

As the design team, our objective was to develop a comprehensive design kit that encompassed the essence of Peak Human Performance. This included creating a visual identity that reflected the brand’s values and unique offering. We focused on typography, color palette, and core images to establish a cohesive and captivating design direction.


Back. Better. Best.

The core concept of Peak Human Performance revolved around the transformative journey individuals undergo, progressing from health challenges to reaching their peak potential. Our design approach aimed to capture this essence and inspire participants through the stages of “Back to Health,” “Become Better,” and ultimately “Be the Best.” This concept formed the bedrock of our creative direction, ensuring that every design element effectively communicated the brand’s mission.


Be the Best.

Peak Human Performance successfully positioned itself as a healthcare-driven fitness studio with a unique brand offering. Through thoughtful design direction, concepting, and strategic brand activation, the visual identity captured the essence of the brand’s mission. By empowering participants to embark on their journey towards optimal health and personal growth, Peak Human Performance was positioned to emerge as a prominent player in the fitness and health industry.


This project would not have been possible without the support
and work of several contributors:

Benjamin & Bond Research & Creative Teams
AB Sketches