The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company


Design Support, eCommerce Design, Web Design


While there, I worked with multiple team members across the organization ranging from eCommerce, Global Design, Business Development to provide design production and support as well as creative concept solutions. 

My role was specifically working with Hershey’s eCommerce team where creativity, innovation, and a Direct-To-Consumer approach collided for the chocolate company. During my time there, I provided IAB standard ads, eCommerce Web & Creative Support, and worked with our third-party providers on our Buy Online initiative which spanned over fifteen Hershey-owned brands.


The Hershey Company




Buy Online Initiative

The Buy Online Initiative was the first part of a larger eCommerce Strategy to engage consumers early on and ease the path to purchase confectionery and snack items. The consumer was directed from online ads to a fully branded landing page that offered areas products can be purchased.

All landing pages had a unique style, from the backgrounds and headers to the buttons to maintain a familiar feeling for that brand.

Web Design & Support

The Hershey Company continuously sought out to innovate the realm of eCommerce and chocolate & snack products. In 2017, they debuted Hersheyland, a seasonal branded experience, built on the Adobe Experience Manager that shares recipes, product details, crafts, and more! The Buy Online offering mentioned previously was tied heavily into the experience to guide the user to the products available.

Beyond Hersheyland, the eCommerce Team emphasized seasonal as well as occasion-based celebrations and how Hershey can be a part of the special day. I provided design support to the team, utilizing established branded assets and consistently implementing them.

Amazon Dash Button Concepts

Concepts for the Amazon Dash Buttons the Hershey Company was exploring.

eCommerce IAB Ads & Support

A large part of my involvement with Hershey was to build and adapt existing brand assets to meet the needs of specific online vendors. This work was displayed on Amazon, Walmart, Party City, Staples, Shop Rite and more.



This project would not have been possible without the assistance and support from the following people:

The Hershey Company

Hershey’s eCommerce Team

Hershey’s Global Design Team

Hershey’s Agency On Record