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Transforming Healthcare

Benjamin and Bond, a prominent player in the Healthcare Design & Innovation Space, sought to align their brand identity with their innovative and human-centric approach. They aimed to establish themselves as the leading healthcare design company in the industry.


A Collaborative Effort

The rebranding project involved a dedicated team of designers and developers who collaborated closely to create a brand identity that accurately reflected Benjamin and Bond’s values and goals. Their collective efforts were instrumental in conceptualizing, personifying, and developing the brand from the ground up.

The team carefully selected colors, marks, and visual elements that complemented the organization’s core values and effectively conveyed information about Benjamin and Bond’s services and case studies. The chosen elements were intended to enhance the brand’s context and create a cohesive and impactful visual representation.


A Health-Focused Rebrand

The rebranding efforts successfully positioned Benjamin and Bond as a leading healthcare design company with a brand identity that accurately represented their innovative and human-centric approach. The cohesive visual elements created a compelling context for communicating information about the organization and its case studies, contributing to their continued success in the Healthcare Design & Innovation Space.


Work was completed as Senior Visual Designer of Benjamin and Bond. This work would not be possible without:

The entire Benjamin and Bond Team