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The Front Door
of Freemasonry

Freemasonry, a globally recognized organization shrouded in intrigue, presents a unique challenge of shaping a positive narrative in the public eye. In 2020, a groundbreaking collaboration emerged between Scottish Rite Northern and Southern, along with Shriners International, as they embarked on a historic partnership to unveil, the beacon guiding seekers to the world of Freemasonry. This unique partnership was driven by the three organization’s support of promoting Freemasonry within the United States, and inevitably promoting their respective organizations to those Freemasons. Since its launch, the website has garnered thousands of referrals to local Masonic Lodges and continues to draw in new curious minds each day. was established as the Front Door of Freemasonry, following five years of brand research & development by Scottish Rite, NMJ marketing partner, Cercone Brown for the campaign “Not Just A Man. A Mason.”


A Path Illuminated

Our mission was to create a true Front Door of Freemasonry that dispels the misconceptions and sparks intrigue while maintaining the utmost professionalism and authenticity the Masonic fraternity has worked to gain over the last 300 years. We strived to craft a visually captivating and intuitive digital experience that would reflect the rich history and values of Freemasonry, while inviting individuals to explore its profound depths. With a delicate balance between intrigue and approachability, we set out to illuminate the path to Freemasonry for all curious souls.


Instilling Trust & Intrique

Navigating the fine line between secrecy and transparency, we developed a website that would introduce the world to the profound wonders of Freemasonry. Our design approach revolved around evoking a sense of mystique and reverence, while also instilling trust, utilizing visuals by the established campaign, Not Just A Man. A Mason. By blending iconic symbols, captivating imagery, and a user-centric interface, we forged a digital realm that enticed visitors to embark on a transformative journey within the realm of Freemasonry.


Seeking Enlightenment

To extend’s reach, we crafted a comprehensive brand activation strategy. Collaborating with marketing experts, we devised targeted campaigns to drive traffic and referrals to the website. Through a combination of captivating visuals, engaging content, and strategic digital marketing tactics, we reached an expansive audience seeking enlightenment and a deeper understanding of Freemasonry. The website became a pivotal touchpoint for individuals embarking on their quest for knowledge and connection within the esteemed fraternity.


The Doors of Curiosity

The launch of opened the doors of curiosity, attracting countless seekers to the world of Freemasonry. With thousands of referrals and a steady influx of daily visitors, the website served as an influential force in shifting the narrative surrounding this ancient fraternity. Masonic Grand Lodges all across ross the United States were provided with captive leads of interested potential members. By leveraging a compelling design, an intuitive user experience, and a highly targeted brand activation, we successfully illuminated the path to Freemasonry, welcoming individuals into a realm of enlightenment, brotherhood, and shared values. The design journey serves as a testament to the power of design in transforming perception and captivating the hearts and minds of those seeking something greater.


This project would not have been possible without the support
and work of several contributors:

Scottish Rite, NMJ Leadership & Staff
Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction Leadership & Staff
Shriners International Leadership & Staff
Cercone Brown Company, Marketing Research & Support
Zaengle, Web Development