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A Kid Like Me Initiative

The A Kid Like Me campaign was initiated by the Children’s Dyslexia Centers, supported by the Scottish Rite Charities, with the aim of engaging and showcasing the success stories of recent and past program graduates. It was designed to be a versatile resource, initially developed as a GoFundMe campaign, and later expanded into a comprehensive Campaign Toolkit and Fundraising Guidebook.


Just Kids Being Kids

Drawing inspiration from the existing Children’s Dyslexia Center brand, the A Kid Like Me mark and identity profile was created. The design elements featured a captivating photograph paired with a standalone mark that could also be used alongside the primary Children’s Dyslexia Centers logo. The mark was playful in nature, giving a child-like perspective to the brand. The images were carefully selected to represent diversity in age, gender, race, and activities, capturing the essence of children simply enjoying their everyday lives.


A Social Engagement

The campaign primarily focused on leveraging Facebook as a platform for individual Children’s Dyslexia Centers to highlight program graduates and share their personal success stories. Core templates were developed using selected images and personas, which evolved into custom templates featuring real graduates. These templates were widely used to promote and share the impactful work of the Children’s Dyslexia Centers.


Where Does Your Story Begin?

The A Kid Like Me campaign has garnered numerous submissions of graduates’ own stories, effectively showcasing the positive outcomes of the Children’s Dyslexia Centers’ program. The campaign continues to be customized and shared across different Children’s Dyslexia Centers, serving as a powerful tool to communicate the remarkable impact of their program on the lives of children.


Work was completed on behalf of Scottish Rite, NMJ
in capacity as Design Director.

Scottish Rite, NMJ
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