That wooden desk, jean jacket, black coffee, whiskey neat kind of creative.


Be Meticulous

I’m Matt Blaisdell, a designer with nearly 10 years of experience in the design field. My passion lies at the intersection of brand development, user experience, advertising, illustration, and a do whatever it takes mentality. Throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with companies across diverse sectors such as consumer retail, healthcare, user interface, digital experience design, product packaging, brand development, and non-profit organizations.

In my work, I strive for more than just design for the sake of design. I actively seek out new brand opportunities that challenge conventions and break the mold.

Originally from Pennsylvania and now residing in Massachusetts, I currently serve as the Design Director at the 32° Scottish Rite, Freemasonry, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Joining the organization in 2018, I have been instrumental in overseeing a complete organizational rebrands, implementing creative strategies for numerous fundraising and membership campaigns, and collaborating with an incredible team of individuals who share a common goal of propelling Freemasonry forward.

I am a PA > MA transplant, currently working for one of the largest Masonic organizations in the world. For the past few years, I have worked with brands from all over the spectrum for web, print, digital, creative, and more. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Angela, daughter, Maisie, and two pups, Brewster & Olive.

My Core Values

Working with integrity, creativity, and a focus on people has always been important to me. Here are some core values I strive to work by.


Strive for INTEGRITY

I’m not about selling snake oil or playing politics – I make honest, sound judgements based on fact and intuition to see out the best possible creative product.



New ideas come with the anxiety of change. Welcome it. Revel in it. Trust me, you’ll see the impact a creative mindset will give you.



Every great project launch is because of the team backing it. Share the success to every team member who had a part to play.



Every mark on the page, pixel on the screen or letter in print has purpose. Dive into those details and sweat every little thing.


Learn by doing

Getting out of a comfort zone only makes work better. Learn something new that can improve a project down the road.


Think big picture

Don’t just accept status quo – be a brand opportunist and explore ways of making a large impact. 

Past Clients & Opportunities

I am extremely fortune to have had the opportunity to work with several incredible people across many organizations. 

Let’s Talk

I am extremely fortune to have had the opportunity to work with several incredible people across many organizations. 

Need a quote, have an idea, or just want to talk shop, shoot me a message.